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Title Article Type Author
Babcock, Charlotte, Casper author Oral Histories Nichole Simoneaux
Baker, Jim. Frontier Scout Encyclopedia Lori Van Pelt
Baker, Pvt. Ralston, pioneer grave of Encyclopedia Randy Brown
Balangiga, bells of Encyclopedia Douglas R. Cubbison
Banditti of the Plains, The Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Bank Robbery, Green River Encyclopedia Brigida R. (Brie) Blasi
Banking, Wyoming history of Encyclopedia Tom Rea
Barber, Amos Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Bardo, Helen, disability activist Encyclopedia Phil Roberts
Barlow, Bill Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Barrett, Frank Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Barrow, Merris, editor of Bill Barlow’s Budget Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Battle Mountain, in Sublette County near Bondurant, Wyo. Field Trip
Battle of Red Buttes marker Field Trip
Battle Pass Scenic Byway Field Trip
Baxter, George Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Beethoven celebrations, Wyoming orchestras and Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Belden, Charles, photographer Encyclopedia Lori Van Pelt
Bell, Tom, High Country News editor and publisher Encyclopedia Marjane Ambler
Bellamy, Mary Godat Encyclopedia Wyoming Legislative Service Office
Bells of Balangiga Encyclopedia Douglas R. Cubbison
Bessemer, Wyoming Field Trip
Bessemer, Wyoming Encyclopedia Annette Hein
Bicycling in Early Wyoming Encyclopedia Lori Van Pelt
Bierstadt, Albert: Landscapes of the American West Encyclopedia Maria Wimmer
Big Boy Steam Engine Field Trip
Big Horn Academy/Cowley Log Gym Field Trip
Big Horn and Flying H polo clubs Field Trip
Big Horn County Courthouse Field Trip
Big Horn County, Wyoming Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Big Horn River Pilot, early Thermopolis, Wyo. newspaper Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Big Muddy Oil Field Field Trip
Big Muddy Oil Field Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Big Nose George Encyclopedia Lori Van Pelt
Big Piney Branch Library Field Trip
Big Piney, Wyoming Encyclopedia Ann Chambers Noble
Big Sandy Crossing Field Trip
Big Sandy Crossing Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Bighorn Basin Geoscience Center Field Trip
Bighorn Basin, Mormon colonizers in Encyclopedia Darcee Barnes
Bighorn Basin, Natural History of the Encyclopedia Emilene Ostlind
Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area Field Trip
Bighorn National Forest Field Trip
Bill Barlow’s Budget newspaper Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Bird-banding session Field Trip
Birds of Wyoming Encyclopedia Ellis Hein
Bishop, Charles, forty-niner, death and grave of Encyclopedia Randy Brown
Bissonette family and 1868 wagon train attack Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Black 14 sites on the University of Wyoming campus Field Trip
Black 14, Hamilton, Mel, former University of Wyoming football player on his life and the Oral Histories Phil White
Black 14, the Encyclopedia Phil White
Black and Yellow Trail Field Trip
Black and Yellow Trail Encyclopedia Robert G. and Elizabeth L. Rosenberg
Black Diamond Historic Mine Trail Field Trip
Black Elk, Oglala Lakota holy man Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Black Hills National Forest Field Trip
Black Kettle, Oglala Lakota man killed in 1903 Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Black Thunder Coal Mine Field Trip
Black, Dr. Willie, Chancellor of the Black Student Alliance in 1969, on the Black 14 Oral Histories Wyoming State Archives
Blackwater firefighters memorial Field Trip
Blackwater forest fire, 1937 Encyclopedia Kerry Drake
Blake, Florence, woman homesteader Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Blizzard of 1949 Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Boarding Schools, Indian, in Wyoming and nationwide Encyclopedia Geoffrey O’Gara
Boissevain, Inez Milholland, suffragist and orator Encyclopedia Lesley Wischmann
Bonneville, Benjamin, fur trader and army officer Encyclopedia Jett B. Conner
Boundary, western Wyoming, survey of, 1874 Encyclopedia Lucia McCreery
Boysen Dam Field Trip
Boysen Dam, History of Encyclopedia Annette Hein
Bozeman Trail Field Trip
Bozeman Trail Museum Field Trip
Bozeman Trail sign and marker Field Trip
Bozeman Trail, brief history Encyclopedia Marilyn J. Drew
Brazil, Pedro II, emperor of Encyclopedia Phil Roberts
Bridger Trail Encyclopedia James A. Lowe, Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office
Bridger Trail through the Bridger Mountains Field Trip
Bridger Valley Historic Byway Field Trip
Bridger, Jim Encyclopedia James A. Lowe, Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office
Brinton Museum, The Field Trip
Brooks, Bryant Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Brown, Melville C. Encyclopedia Kim Viner
Brown’s Park Field Trip
Bucking-horse logo, Wyoming Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express Encyclopedia Tom Rea
Buffalo Bill Center of the West Field Trip
Buffalo Bill Dam Field Trip
Buffalo Bill Dam Encyclopedia The National Park Service
Buffalo Bill Historical Center Field Trip
Buffalo Bill State Park Field Trip
Buffalo Bill, Wyoming Town Founder and Irrigation Tycoon Encyclopedia Robert E. Bonner
Buffalo Soldiers, Wyoming and the West Encyclopedia Tom Rea
Bureau of Land Management Field Trip
Bureau of Land Management, founding of Encyclopedia Russel L. Tanner
Burlington Railroad in Wyoming Encyclopedia Gregory Nickerson
Burnt Ranch Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Buxton, John, Wyoming deputy game warden, killed in 1919 Encyclopedia Dick Blust, Jr.
Byrd, Liz, Wyoming legislator Encyclopedia Lori Van Pelt
Byron Museum Field Trip