The Online Encyclopedia of Wyoming History
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Title Author
Hague, Arnold John Clayton
Hale, William Wyoming State Archives
Hamilton, Mel, former University of Wyoming football player on his life and the Black 14 Phil White
Hanna Basin Museum
Hanna Mine Disasters, One Family’s Story Tom Rea
Hanna Miners’ Monuments, war memorials and a steam locomotive
Hanna, Wyoming Nancy Anderson
Hansen, Clifford Wyoming State Archives
Hansen, Clifford - interview Wyoming State Archives
Hardin, William Jefferson Lori Van Pelt
Hartley, Ron, Cokeville survivor oral history Wyoming State Archives
Haskell, Rich Cokeville, survivor oral history Jessica Clark
Hatch, Charles, California Trail emigrant Randy Brown
Hathaway, Stanley Wyoming State Archives
Hathaway, Stanley - interview Wyoming State Archives
Heart Mountain Interpretive Center
Heart Mountain Relocation Center, a Brief History of Steven Bingo
Heath, Dr. Lillian Lori Van Pelt
Hebard, Grace Raymond, historian Mike Mackey
Hecht, Frances, on Early Housework in the Bighorn Basin Washakie Museum and Cultural Center
Herschler, Ed Wyoming State Archives
Herschler, Ed - interview Wyoming State Archives
Hickey, Joseph Wyoming State Archives
High Country News Marjane Ambler
High, Dick, Casper Star-Tribune editor Kerry Drake
Highland Cemetery
Historic Downtown Evanston
Hollibaugh, Rachel Walker, Cokeville survivor oral history Wyoming State Archives
Homesteader Museum
Homsley, Mary, pioneer grave of
Homsley, Mary, pioneer grave of Randy Brown
Hoofprints of the Past Museum
Horn, Tom Chip Carlson
Horn, Tom - Important sites
Horse Creek Treaty Historical Markers