George Baxter

George W. Baxter was born in North Carolina on January 7, 1855. Two years later his family moved to Knoxville, Tenn., where he later attended the university. Baxter expanded his education by entering West Point Military Academy in 1873 and graduating in 1877. The new second lieutenant served three years in the Third United States Cavalry. After leaving military service Baxter traveled to Wyoming in 1881 and entered the cattle business. President Cleveland appointed him Territorial Governor in 1886. The new Governor took the oath of office November 11, 1886 and served until December 20, 1886. Returning to political life in 1889 Baxter was a delegate to the Wyoming Constitutional Convention and made an unsuccessful run for Governor of Wyoming in 1890. Baxter returned to Knoxville in 1892 entered the banking and cotton business. George W. Baxter died December 1929 in New York City.

Term as Governor: Thursday, November 11, 1886 - Monday, December 20, 1886.