The Rawlins to Baggs Wagon Road

The Rawlins to Baggs wagon road was a primary freight route from the Union Pacific Railroad south to Colorado. Freighters first supplied Ute people at the White River Agency and later, after the Utes were forcibly removed to Utah, freighters supplied the Euroamerican settlers who took up the Indian lands.

Outlaw Turned Lawman

Before Frank Canton became notorious in Wyoming in connection with the Johnson County War, he lived an outlaw’s life as Joe Horner in Texas. Discover more about Canton’s reputation as a sheriff, his time as a stock detective for the Wyoming Stock Growers Association and his role in the invasion of Johnson County.

The Annie, First Sailboat on Yellowstone Lake

One fine summer morning in 1871, the sailboat Annie launched from the north shore of Yellowstone Lake—the first known boat to traverse its waters. Read more about this exciting chapter of the epic Hayden Geological Survey in Jett B. Conner’s article, The Annie.

The Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps

Marching through 60 years of diligent practice, winning prize after prize and generating civic pride, the Casper Troopers grew from a local operation to one that attracts young musicians from across the United States—and performs nationwide.

En Route to the Land of Gold: The Cherokee Trail in Wyoming

One of three major roads across the mountain West, the Cherokee Trail ran from the Cherokee Nation—present Oklahoma—to the California gold fields. It served as a principal route for people from the South to lands of their dreams—and it crossed what’s now Wyoming on the way.

The Rawlins to Baggs Wagon Road
Outlaw Turned Lawman
The Annie
The Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps
The Cherokee Trail in Wyoming

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France and the Wild West

A large part of Wyoming used to be French territory until the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. You can still see the borders while driving through the Red Desert at the Tri-territory historic site and the influence of the French can still be felt in place names around the state.

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