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Museums and Historic Sites

Wyoming and Western News and History

  • Americans Traveling West and Manifest Destiny, a good summary, with many links to related, more specific topics. Published by International Insurance.com.
  • Casper College Oral History Cooperative, collecting and distributing oral histories of Casper College, Casper, Natrona County and the West.
  • Common-place: an online magazine of American History. Colonial times are the prime focus, but the West  sneaks in from time to time. Stuff is lively and scholarly.
  • Headwaters News: A daily gathering of news from around the Mountain West, especially good on public-lands issues.
  • New West: a scrappy, various online magazine.
  • www.longcamp.com: 160 web pages at last count devoted entirely to John C. Fremont, poster boy of Manifest Destiny. Fremont came through Wyoming in 1842 on his first trip to the West, when he climbed Fremont Peak and capsized his rubber boat  in Fremont Canyon. He came through again the following year, the first time he saw Oregon and California.
  • WyoFile.com:  Wyoming politics, policy, economics and culture from some local writers.
  • Wyoming Memory Portal: The University of Wyoming Library, the Wyoming State Library, and UW's American Heritage Center have teamed up on this site that offers lots of good content on Wyoming history and culture.
  • Wyoming Places: An excellent online resource about the place names of Wyoming, developed by the librarians at the Wyoming State Library and the University of Wyoming libraries.
  • Wyoming State Historical Society
  • Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office
  • Wyoming Tales and Trails: tons of information, some of it from uncertain sources, and tons of historical photos. Guitar music in the background.