Frank Houx

Frank L. Houx was born near Lexington, Missouri, December 12, 1860. He was educated in common schools and attended business college. After working in various fields, including the cattle business, he moved to Cody, Wyoming in 1895. Houx ran for his first office in 1901 and became Mayor of Cody. He joined the Democratic Party and was elected Secretary of State in 1910. Reelected in to a second term, Houx became Acting Governor with the resignation of Governor Kendrick. Governor Houx served two full years of Kendrick's term from February 26, 1917 to January 6, 1919. Frank Houx died in Cody April 3, 1941 and was buried in Cody, Wyoming.

Term as Governor: Monday, February 26, 1917 - Monday, January 06, 1919