Hanna Basin Museum

For much more on the histories of Hanna and Carbon, visit the Hanna Basin Museum in Hanna on Front Street immediately north of the railroad tracks. The museum is packed with artifacts from and information on Hanna’s boom days early in the 20th century. Its website, linked above, contains a wide range of genealogical and historical information about the people of Carbon and Hanna, including casualty lists from the mine disasters, timelines, cemetery maps and information on Hanna soldiers killed overseas. Museum volunteer Bob Leathers is always on the lookout for pictures, documents or other items related to Hanna’s past. Contact him at HannaBasinMuseum@gmail.com Attention: Bob. 

The museum building began life as a saloon in 1894, was remodeled as a community hall in 1930, and now houses artifacts from the Carbon and Hanna Basins. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Nearby is a restored Union Pacific Coal Company house dating from 1890. Admission is free. For other information and hours, visit the website.