Joseph Hickey

Joseph J. Hickey, was born in Rawlins, Wyoming on August 22, 1911. His father died in 1914, so Hickey had to work to help support his family from a very young age. This resulted in Hickey holding a variety of jobs including newsboy, blacksmith apprentice, and theater usher. He continued his education while working and graduated from high school in 1929. Hickey attended the University of Wyoming and after graduating from the law school in 1934, immediately opened a law practice in Rawlins. The future Governor was soon deeply active in politics. He served as City Treasurer for five years and was elected County Attorney in 1938, resigning to join the army in 1942. After World War II, Hickey was again elected County Attorney. He was elected Governor and served two years before resigning in January 1961 to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by the death of Senator Elect Keith Thomson. Joseph J. Hickey died in September 1970.

Term as Governor: Tuesday, January 06, 1959 - Monday, January 02, 1961