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Lost Cabin Field Trips
Lovell-Kane Area Museum Field Trips
Lucas, Frank Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Lucy's Sheep Camp Field Trips
Lyman Heritage Barn Field Trips
MacKinnon, Anne, Casper Star-Tribune reporter and editor Encyclopedia Kerry Drake
Magill, Ada, Oregon Trail grave of Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Marbleton, Wyoming Encyclopedia Ann Chambers Noble
Martin’s Cove, events of 1856 Encyclopedia Annette Hein
Martin’s Cove, Mormon Church Acquisition of Encyclopedia Annette Hein
Mathew Campfield Park Field Trips
Matthew Shepard memorial bench Field Trips
Maynardier, Col. Henry E., Fort Laramie commander Encyclopedia Tom Rea
McCoy, Tim and Ed Farlow with Wind River Indians on stage and screen Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
McCraken, Tracy, Cheyenne newspaper publisher Encyclopedia Kerry Drake
Mead, Elwood and Wyoming's water law Encyclopedia Anne MacKinnon
Medicine Bow Museum Field Trips
Medicine Bow Peak Plane Crash Memorial Plaque Field Trips
Medicine Bow Peak, plane crash into, 1955 Encyclopedia Thaddeus Mast
Medicine Lodge Encyclopedia WyomingHeritage.org
Medicine Lodge Archaeological Site Field Trips
Medicine Wheel Encyclopedia Fred Chapman
Medicine Wheel Field Trips
Meeteetse Field Trips
Mercado, Felix on sugar-beet farming in the Big Horn Basin Oral Histories Washakie Museum and Cultural Center
Mercer, Asa Shinn, life and newspaper career of Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Metz, Percy, Big Horn Basin judge and trial lawyer Encyclopedia John W. Davis
Mexican Hill, Oregon-California Trail site Encyclopedia Randy Brown
Mexican Punitive Expedition, Wyoming National Guard and, 1916 Encyclopedia Carl V. Hallberg
Milholland, Inez, suffragist and orator Encyclopedia Lesley Wischmann
Military horses, Wyoming as breeding ground for, 1897-1949 Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Miller, Alfred Jacob, painter of the fur trade Encyclopedia Chavawn Kelley
Miller, Leslie Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Mineral Leasing Act 1920 Encyclopedia Samuel Western
Mineral Leasing Act, 1970s amendments to Encyclopedia Samuel Western
Mineral Severance Tax Encyclopedia Sarah Gorin
Mineral Trust Fund, Permanent Wyoming Encyclopedia Sarah Gorin
Mission 66 in Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks Encyclopedia John Clayton
Mitchell Peak Field Trips
Mitchell, Finis, Wind River Mountains hiker and conservationist Encyclopedia Rebecca Hein
Mni Akuwin, Spotted Tail’s daughter Encyclopedia Tom Rea
Modernization in Wyoming’s national parks Encyclopedia John Clayton
Moonlight, Thomas Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Moore, Lucy Morrison Encyclopedia John Clayton
Morgan, Elliot Encyclopedia Wyoming State Archives
Mormon Colonizers, Bighorn Basin Encyclopedia Darcee Barnes
Mormon ferry, North Platte River Encyclopedia WyoHistory.org
Mormon Handcart Visitors Center Field Trips
Morris, Alice Encyclopedia Robert and Elizabeth Rosenberg
Morris, Esther Hobart Encyclopedia Abby Dotterer