The Online Encyclopedia of Wyoming History
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Title Author
Cheyenne, Northern, return from Oklahoma Gerry Robinson
Cheyenne, Wyo., history of Lori Van Pelt
Cheyennes tribes come together after Sand Creek Tom Rea
Chinatown, Rock Springs
Chinese Joss House Museum
Chugwater Museum
Church Butte
Church Butte, Oregon Trail landmark Randy Brown
Churches, African-American in Rock Springs Brie Blasi
Civilian Conservation Corps, Wyoming Kerry Drake
Clark, Alonzo Wyoming State Archives
Clark, Clarence Don Barbara Allen Bogart
Clary, William L., pioneer grave of Randy Brown
Clay, John and the Swan Land and Cattle Company Rebecca Hein
Clayton’s Slough
Clayton’s Slough, Oregon Trail site of WyoHistory.org
Coal Bust, Wyoming’s First Dustin Bleizeffer
Coal Camps in Sheridan County Kevin Knapp
Coal mine safety, history of Phil Roberts
Coal Slurry Pipeline, History of Dan Whipple
Coal tipple, Reliance Dick Blust, Jr.
Coal, Wyoming business of Chamois L. Andersen
Coal-bed Methane boom, Powder River Basin Dustin Bleizeffer
Cody Mural Visitor Center
Cody Stampede
Cody, William F. and the Pony Express Tom Rea
Cody, William F. as Wyoming Town Founder and Irrigation Tycoon Robert E. Bonner
Cody, William F., hunts with Prince Albert of Monaco, 1913 John Clayton
Cody, Wyoming Lynn Johnson Houze
Coe Library, University of Wyoming
Cokeville Elementary School
Cokeville Elementary School Bombing Jessica Clark
Cokeville survivor oral history, Carol Petersen Wyoming State Archives
Cokeville survivor oral history, Glenna Walker Wyoming State Archives
Cokeville survivor oral history, Jamie Buckley King Wyoming State Archives
Cokeville survivor oral history, Janel Dayton Wyoming State Archives