Museum at the Big Horns

The Museum at the Big Horns, formerly the Sheridan County Museum, is located just off the 5th Street exit--Exit 23--from Interstate 90 to Sheridan, at 850 Sibley Circle. The museum features a gift shop, interactive exhibits, dioramas and Western artworks to fulfill the museum's mission to preserve and share the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Sheridan County area with present and future generations to promote a greater understanding of the American West. The museum is designed to serve as the gateway to exploring historic Sheridan and other historic sites around the county. For more information, call (307) 675-1150.

Also off the 5th Street Exit from I-90, but just east of the highway, the Wyoming Information Center Museum features exhibits on Wyoming wildlife, Indian battlefields, historic sites, a diorama of the Bighorn Mountains and information onWyoming’s history.

Visitors can also enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of Sheridan with the Bighorns as backdrop. The Sheridan Travel and Tourism, Wyoming Travel and Tourism and Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce offices are all located in this building. During summer, the Center staff hosts “Wyoming Wednesdays,” including a variety of fun and educational Wyoming tourism activities for children. For more information, visit the website linked above or call (307) 672-2485.