Parting of the Ways

At the so-called False Parting of the Ways about six miles southwest of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s South Pass overlook on Wyoming Highway 28, a 1956 state marker states incorrectly that it marks the spot where trails diverged and some emigrants headed to Oregon, others to Salt Lake City and California. A later marker from the Oregon-California Trails Association correctly states that the true Parting of the Ways lies 9.5 miles to the west.

To reach True Parting of the Ways, if the weather is good and dirt roads are likely to be hard and dry, continue southwest on Wyoming Highway 28 from False Parting for about 2.2 miles to a dirt road on the northwest side of the highway. Follow this about one mile to Plume Rocks, then turn southwest and follow the trail ruts for about seven miles to Parting of the Ways. The site is not easy to find as the old trail is not well marked in this area. Attempt the trip only in a high-clearance vehicle. There are also a number of auxiliary roads in the area that have been created by energy developers.

A marker at True Parting of the Ways, indicating the right fork for the Sublette Cutoff and the left fork for Fort Bridger, is not original.