Sweetwater County Historical Museum

The Sweetwater County Historical Museum is planning an exhibit and will partner with the University of Wyoming; the Sesquicentennial Colorado River Exploring Expedition, a new boat trip of artists and scholars down the Green and Colorado rivers; the City of Green River; the Green River Chamber of Commerce and other organizations to host a series of teacher trainings, a Saturday University, a modern expedition launch and family oriented activities on May 22-24, 2019 at Expedition Island. Contact the Sweetwater County Historical Museum at 307-872-6435 or online at https://www.sweetwatermuseum.org for more information.

The best place to start a walking tour of Green River is at the Sweetwater County Historical Museum, at 3 West Flaming Gorge Way—State Route 374, the main east-west artery through town. At the museum, a person can pick up a brochure published by the City of Green River for directions to historic buildings and saloons, Union Pacific Railroad facilities, and even haunted houses. The museum includes a large collection of coal mining artifacts and coal-mine-related historic photos. FMI: (307) 872-6435.