Rock Avenue

To find Rock Avenue, begin from the Bureau of Land Management interpretive sign at Emigrant Gap about 12 miles west of Casper, Wyo., travel west for 1.4 miles to the intersection with County Road 12. Turn right (north) and travel one-tenth of a mile to the paved road. Turn left and travel west for 1.8 miles to the intersection with County Road 319. Turn left and proceed southwest for 7.2 miles.

After 5.4 miles, look on the right for white posts marking original trail swales. In 5.8 miles, watch for a BLM trail sign on the right as you crest a hill and approach the jutting spine of rock. Ruts and swales where wagons once descended the ridge can be seen along the right side of the road, which overlies part of the historic trail. This is state-owned land, so get out and explore! Watch your step, though—this is rattlesnake and cactus country.