An exceptional public official, and a fraudster

This month we feature people who led very different lives.

A senator for the territories

Preston Plumb of Ohio, Kansas and, briefly, Wyoming was forthright, honest, tireless and fair. He founded an abolitionist newspaper. He smuggled rifles into Bleeding Kansas. As an army officer he served on the Kansas border and the Wyoming frontier. And as a U.S. senator, with great skill and persistence, he championed the interests of the West. Read more in Johanna Wickman’s article, “Preston B. Plumb: Senator of the West.”

An eager coal promoter

Sam Gebo, a brilliant capitalist and con man, developed coal mines in Montana, Alberta and Wyoming in the early 1900s. His methods, however, were fraudulent; he and seven of his partners were charged with crimes. But a new system of leasing federal coal grew out of the controversy—a system still in place today. Read more in Lea Cavalli Schoenewald’s article, “Sam Gebo and the Leasing of Federal Coal.”

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