Fur trade rendezvous sites

Tom Rea photo
Tom Rea photo

Fur trade enthusiasts will want to visit the fur-trade rendezvous sites. See a list here, with good photos and latitude/longitude locations. Many of these are also located on the Official State Highway Map of Wyoming, including:

  • 1825 rendezvous site, the first rendezvous site, on Henry’s Fork of the Green River near McKinnon, WY, in the southwest corner of Sweetwater County;
  • 1834 rendezvous site, just west of Granger, WY in Sweetwater County;
  • 1833, 1835-1837, 1839, 1840 rendezvous site on Horse Creek, a tributary of the Green River just west of Daniel, WY in Sublette County. This is also the site of the fur trade’s Fort Bonneville, built in 1832.
  • 1838 rendezvous site on Wind River near Riverton in Fremont County. The 1838 site sponsors an annual rendezvous.