Chinatown in Rock Springs

Rock Springs’ Chinatown of the 1880s lay in the neighborhood now bound by Bridger Avenue, N Street, Ridge Avenue and Elk Street, northeast of downtown. No buildings remain from that time, but one of the streets, Ahsay Ave., is named for the Chinese leader who attempted after the Rock Springs Massacre to negotiate for railroad tickets and back pay for the miners. Nothing remains either of the No. 6 mine, where the trouble began. It was near what’s now the site of Macy's Trucking on Stagecoach Boulevard, north of I-80 and about a quarter mile east of Stagecoach Boulevard's intersection with Elk Street (U.S. Highway191). Camp Pilot Butte, where the troops stayed for 13 years, was just south of Bridger Avenue on the lot now occupied by the Parish Center for Saints Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church.