Thirteen ways to think about Register Cliff

Quiz Yourself

Here are some questions to ask before you visit Register Cliff, while you’re there, and again after you return:

  1. How many names do you think there are on the cliff?
  2. Why do you think people carved their names?
  3. What do you think they were thinking about when they carved their names?
  4. What is the oldest date you can find with a name?
  5. What is the most recent date?
  6. When there are no dates with the name, are there ways you can guess which names are old and which ones aren’t?
  7. How do you think they carved the names that are high up on the cliff?
  8. Would this have been a good place to camp? Why or why not?
  9. What was the Oregon Trail? The California Trail? The Mormon Trail? What connection do they have with Wyoming? With Register Cliff?
  10. What was life like for the travelers who camped here with their wagon trains?
  11. Assuming they were heading west from Missouri or Iowa, how long would they have been traveling at this point?
  12. How far did they have to go to reach Oregon? To reach California? To reach Utah?
  13. Would you have carved your name here if you’d been passing in a wagon train? Why or why not?

THERE ARE TONS of more good questions a person could ask about Register Cliff

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