Justin Horn

Justin Horn grew up in Buffalo, Wyoming. He served six years in the US Air Force. He holds a bachelor’s in history from the University of Wyoming, a master’s in history from the University of Nebraska-Kearney and a master’s certificate in museum studies from Harvard Extension. He currently works as a museum assistant in charge of collections and exhibits at the Campbell County Rockpile Museum.

Hundreds of Cheyenne warriors charging a group of U.S. soldiers along a creek named Bonepile fulfills several Hollywood clichés. But these events on a hot August morning in 1865, 10 miles south of present Gillette, Wyoming, were very, very real.

When Noah Richardson brought his gal to a gathering of cowboys in 1905, he expected her to leave with him. The charm of Allie Means that day won him the girl but lost him his life. Read more about the desperate crimes of Noah Richardson and the chain of events spurred on by the murder of Allie Means.