Wind projects

As of mid-2014, travelers in Wyoming are familiar with a number of wind projects visible from the state’s highways. These include the Rocky Mountain Power/Pacificorp projects near Wyoming Highway 487 about 10 miles north of Medicine Bow, and on Seven Mile Hill north of U.S. 30 between Medicine Bow and Hanna; the project on Foote Creek Rim near Arlington; the project on Bridger Butte visible from I-80 west of Fort Bridger, Wyo.; the projects north of Glenrock visible from I-25, and the turbines near Evansville, Wyo. on the east side of Casper, also visible from I-25.

The huge Chokecherry-Sierra Madre project south of Rawlins will be visible from there and stretches of I-80 east and west of the town. A great deal more of the project will be visible from Wyoming Highway 71, which runs south from Rawlins for 20 miles directly through the heart of the project area before turning to dirt.