Rock Springs Walking Tour

For a walking tour of several of downtown Rock Springs’ historic buildings still open for public use, start at the corner of N Street and Channel Street to see the Baker’s Chapel African Methodist Episcopal building. One block north, you can have dinner at Coyote Creek Steakhouse—the former Union Pacific Coal Company office building—take a swim at the Rock Springs Civic Center—the former U.P. Old Timers Building—or attend services at the Greek Orthodox Church. The A.M.E. building is located just one block east of the site of the infamous 1885 Chinese Massacre. The Rock Springs Historical Museum, 201 B St., is just a few blocks away in the historic City Hall building and the Rock Springs Main Street office at 501 S. Main St. recently renovated the old Bunning Transfer Freight Depot. Pick up a fun and informative brochure for a downtown walking tour of historic Rock Springs at either location.