Palette Ranch and Jack Creek Trailhead

The Palette Ranch is now part of the Hoodoo Land and Cattle Company, run by the family of famed Texas oilman H.L. Hunt. Hunts purchased the ranch in 1948. It’s private land, not open to the public, but people can drive up the Pitchfork Road, on the opposite bank of the Greybull River, to the Jack Creek campground, where they can depart from a trailhead for Warhouse Creek and other upstream destinations. Warhouse Creek enters the Greybull about two miles upstream from the campground; A.A. Anderson’s studio, on Warhouse Creek inside the Washakie Wilderness Area of the Shoshone National Forest, is further up Warhouse Creek from there. For more information, contact the offices of the Shoshone National Forest in Cody, Wyo., or phone 307.527.6921.