James Reeb mural

A mural commemorating Civil Rights martyr James Reeb of Casper, Wyo., was unveiled in August 2019 by the Unitarian Universalist Community of Casper. The mural, visible in downtown Casper from the 200 block of South Center Street on the rear, east-facing wall of a building on 255 David Street, was painted by artist Tony Elmore. It has an inscription that reads,  “This mural was created to inspire empathy as the greatest human power, sparked by the legacy of our hometown everyday hero, Rev. James Reeb, (1927—1965).”

The mural shows, left to right, Reeb, activists Orloff Miller and Clark Olsen—beaten during the same confrontation in which Reeb was murdered—activist Annie Lee Cooper, jailed in 1965 after a public argument with Selma, Ala. Sheriff Jim Clark while she was attempting to register to vote, and slain activists Jimmie Jackson and Martin Luther King.