Fulkerson Grave, Rattlesnake Pass

To visit the Fulkerson grave, travel Wyoming Highway 220 to a spot about five miles southwest of the Independence Rock rest area and historic site in southwestern Natrona County. Heading toward Rawlins, take the first right, immediately after the Dumbell Ranch turnoff; if headed toward Casper, take the first left past the turnoff to the BLM Devil’s Gate interpretive site. The road to the Fulkerson grave passes over a cattle guard and then turns immediately left onto a poorly maintained blacktop road that is now turning to dirt—it was the state highway until the 1960s. The Fulkerson grave is something less than a mile ahead on the left, fenced and well marked, where the road passes through Rattlesnake Pass. The road here is right on top of the historic trail. At least 350,000 emigrants passed through here between 1840 and 1870. Across the road from the grave are a number of pioneer inscriptions among the rocks.