Fossil Butte National Monument

The turnoff to Fossil Butte National Monument north of U.S. Highway 30 is about 12 miles west of Kemmerer, Wyo. The monument features a visitor center displaying fossils and interpretive information and offers limited opportunities to volunteer in a fossil quarry. For admission fees, hours of operation or other information, call (307) 877-4455 or visit

It is illegal to collect vertebrate fossils such as fish from public land without a permit or from private land without permission of the landowner.

The Ulrich family runs Ulrich’s Fossil Gallery, a private fossil-preparation business and gallery on land next to the monument. The Ulrichs also offer summer visitors the opportunity to quarry fossils for a fee on leased state land. The Ulrich operation is clearly visible from the entrance road to Fossil Butte National Monument.