John Campbell

John A. Campbell, the first Governor of the Wyoming Territory, was born in Salem, Columbiana County, Ohio, October 8, 1835. Educated in a public school, Campbell later became a member of the Republican Party. Campbell joined the Union Army in 1861 serving as a publicity writer and later served as adjutant general on Major General John M. Schofield's staff. Brevetted as a Brigadier General in 1864, he continued to serve under Major General Schofield during the reconstruction period. While they were in Virginia they apportioned the state into senatorial and representative districts and prescribed the time and manner in which the elections should be held. President Grant appointed him Governor of the Wyoming Territory April 3, 1869. The newly appointed Governor took the oath of office on April 15, 1869 and served until March 1, 1875. He was then appointed Third Assistant Secretary of State on February 24, 1875. Now Secretary Campbell, he resigned as the Wyoming Governor on March 1, 1875 and served with the Secretary of State until he was appointed American Consul at Basel, Switzerland on December 3, 1877. John A. Campbell resigned on February 4, 1880 and died in Washington, D. C. on July 14, 1880.

Term as Governor: Thursday, April 15, 1869 - Monday, March 01, 1875.