Mac Blewer

Mac Blewer holds a masters degree in cultural and historical geography from the University of Wyoming. His thesis documented Butch Cassidy as an invented tradition of the American West. He is the author of Wyoming's Outlaw Trail, a pictorial history published by Arcadia in 2013.

Notorious outlaw Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch frequently crossed and hid out in Wyoming when on the run from the law. Cassidy’s 18-month incarceration at the Wyoming State Prison in Laramie, 1894-1896, is a definite fact. Other than that, stories place him and his gang all over the map, from Sundance to Brown’s Hole, and Powder Wash near Baggs to Hole in the Wall near Kaycee. Stories persist as well that Cassidy returned to Wyoming decades after his reported death in Bolivia in 1908, but no hard evidence has yet turned up.