Judy Knight

Judy Knight retired in 2000 after a 30-year career teaching in the University of Wyoming Family and Consumer Sciences Department. Now she is part-time collection manager at the Laramie Plains Museum. She writes and edits stories for a local history column that has appeared bi-weekly in the Laramie Boomerang newspaper for the past eight years. They are archived on the website of the Albany County Historical Society. In summers, she enjoys organizing walking tours of Laramie’s Greenhill Cemetery with costumed characters bringing to life some of the stories buried there.

Skilled editor and moral crusader James H. Hayford ran the Laramie Daily Sentinel from 1869 until the paper, by then a weekly, folded in 1895. Eliciting reluctant admiration even from his most bitter rivals, Hayford and his paper were colorful, blistering, tireless and articulate.