John Goss

John Goss has served as director of the Wyoming Veterans Memorial Museum in Casper since 2006. A long military career included time in 2005-06, when his national guard unit was mobilized and sent to Iraq, as deputy commanding officer of an embedded 10-man Military Transition Team with the Iraqi Army’s 2nd Infantry Battalion, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, in the volatile Al Anbar Province. He retired as a major with the Wyoming Army National Guard in 2013.

He holds a degree in anthropology from the University of Wyoming. For five years he and his wife, Lisa, ran a small archeology firm employing up to nine people. He is a lifelong Casper resident with Lisa and their three daughters.

The Casper Army Air Base was built quickly in 1942 to train bomber crews for World War II combat. The facility trained more than 16,000 men before the end of the war. Its population grew to a third of the size of Casper’s, bringing prosperity and a lively social life to the town. The base closed in 1945, when the war ended.