Trapper’s Point

Six miles west of Pinedale along Highway 191 where the Cora Highway intersects to the north, make a left onto the gravel Green River Road to the south and an immediate right across a cattleguard. Follow the two-track to the top of the knoll and you’ll see two wooden signs, one looking west and marking Trapper’s Point, the site of several mountain man rendezvous during the 1830s, and the second looking east and identifying Gannett Peak and the other main peaks of the Wind River mountains. From this vantage you can also see how the Green and New Fork Rivers sweep toward one another and then away, creating an hourglass-shaped strip of land that funnels migrating wildlife into a narrow area. The Wyoming Department of Transportation is funding construction of a wildlife overpass to be built in 2011-12 to let migrating deer and antelope safely cross Highway 191.