William Ross

William B. Ross, was born in Dover, Tennessee on December 4, 1873 and was educated in the local schools and the Peabody Normal school in Nashville. After working in the office of the Chancellor J.N. Stout of the Sixth Tennessee Judicial Division Ross moved to Wyoming in 1901 to set up his law practice. Cheyenne had just passed through a time of being very rough and very rich as a result of the cattle empires of the 1890s. This atmosphere had gradually given way to a quieter but pleasant small town. It was this Cheyenne that attracted Ross and his new bride Nellie Tayloe Ross . The Ross' settled down to a life of practicing law and raising a family. Ross became active politically and worked his way from prosecuting attorney of Laramie County to the nomination for Governor on the Democratic Party's ticket. Governor Ross won the election and served from January 1923 to October 2, 1924. William DB Ross died October 2, 1924 and was buried in Cheyenne.

Term as Governor: Monday, January 01, 1923 - Thursday, October 02, 1924