Joseph Carey

Joseph M. Carey, was born in Milton, Del, January 19,1845. His parents were well established farmers and able to provide him with an excellent education. After two years of college, Carey went to the University of Pennsylvania and obtained a law degree in 1867. Carey was an active political participant from his youth and enthusiastically worked for U.S. Grant's campaign for the presidency. President Grant rewarded the ambitious young Carey with the appointment of U.S. District Attorney for Wyoming Territory. He worked hard and soon became the U.S. Associate Justice to the Supreme Court of Wyoming. Carey kept the title of judge for the rest of his life in spite of all the other positions he held throughout his lifetime. He tired of public life for a time in 1879 and began a successful ranching and business career with his brother. The success in business propelled him back into civic life and he was soon elected Mayor of Cheyenne. Carey's career included activity in various public and private interests including the Wyoming Stock Growers Association, the Stock Grower's National Bank of Cheyenne, and serving as the delegate to Congress for the Wyoming Territory. During his term in Congress Carey authored the bill to admit Wyoming to statehood. Carey was rewarded for his efforts by being elected the first U.S. Senator from Wyoming on November 12, 1890. He served as U.S. Senator from December 1, 1890 to March 3, 1895. He returned from Washington, D.C. in 1894 and in 1910 was elected Governor for the 1911-1915 term. Joseph M. Carey died February 5, 1924 in Cheyenne.

Term as Governor: Monday, January 02, 1911 - Monday, January 04, 1915.