Jack Gage

Jack R. Gage, was born in Worland,Wyoming on January 13, 1899. He completed his education at the University of Wyoming and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 1924. Gage was the first University of Wyoming graduate to hold any state elective office when he took over the Superintendent of Public Instruction for the 1934 to 1939 term. He was later postmaster in Sheridan until he successfully ran for Secretary of State in the 1958 election. Gage was serving as Secretary of State when Governor Hickey resigned to enter the U.S. Senate. He became acting Governor January 2, 1961 and served for the duration of Hickey's term. Governor Gage was a popular lecturer and author of several books including Ten Sleep and No Rest, Pack of Lies, and Afoot and Horseback. Jack Gage died March 14, 1970 in Cheyenne.

Term as Governor: Monday, January 02, 1961 - Monday, January 07, 1963