Frank Lucas

Frank E. Lucas, was born in Grant City, Missouri, August 4, 1876. He was educated in public schools and came to Wyoming in 1899 to live in Buffalo. Lucas joined the Republican Party and served in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth State Legislatures in the house and the Fifteenth and Sixteenth State Legislatures in the senate. He then ran for Secretary of State and served from January 1, 1923 until January 3, 1927. Lucas took over the Governor's office as acting Governor upon Governor Ross' death and filled that post until the election of 1925. After completing his term as Secretary of State, Lucas returned to Buffalo to take over as editor and publisher of the Buffalo Bulletin. Frank E. Lucas died November 26, 1948 in Buffalo, Wyoming.

Term as Governor: Thursday, October 02, 1924 - Monday, January 05, 1925