Elliot Morgan

Elliot S. N. Morgan was the only Acting Governor during the Territorial period, serving as Acting Governor upon the death of Governor Hale. Morgan's first term was from January 13, 1885 until February 28, 1885, a period of forty-six days. Morgan was again called to serve as Acting Governor from December 20, 1886 to January 24, 1887, a period of thirty-five days, when Governor Baxter resigned from office. These were the only two instances during the Territorial period when there was no official governor in office. Mr. Morgan was the Secretary of the Territory and assumed the official duties of the Governor until a new one was appointed.

Term as Governor: Tuesday, January 13, 1885 - Saturday, February 28, 1885 and Monday, December 20, 1886 - Monday, January 24, 1887