Marjane Ambler

Marjane Ambler moved to Wyoming in 1974 to work with Joan Nice and Bruce Hamilton as an editor of High Country News. She is also a former editor of the Tribal College Journal, a national magazine published by the tribal colleges. Her most recent book, Yellowstone Has Teeth (Riverbend Publishing, 2013), is a memoir of living year-round in the world's first national park. She lives in Atlantic City, Wyo., with her husband, Terry Wehrman, and their dog, Quincy.

After flying combat missions in World War II, Tom Bell launched another battle—to preserve western lands. The founder of the Lander, Wyo.-based High Country News managed to keep the publication afloat and conservation in the minds of its readers. His legacy and the magazine continue today.

Recurring oil theft on the Wind River Reservation in the 1970s eventually led to better practices that focus on preventing such losses and protecting American Indian tribes’ oil and gas revenues.