Jamie Egolf

Jamie Egolf, M.S.W., is a Jungian psychotherapist in Laramie, Wyo. She was active in the Laramie community’s drive in the mid 1980s to save the Cooper mansion, once owned by Hemingway’s friends Richard and Marjorie Cooper, and her interest in Hemingway dates from that time. She has published on such topic as comic superheroes, tapestry art and war heroes, and her presentations have occurred nationally and internationally in Santa Fe, Melbourne, and the US Air Force Academy—most recently on how Trickster transformed female oppression at the Seeing Red Conference in Connecticut.

In the life of American novelist Ernest Hemingway, scenes of hunting, a wedding, miscarriage, injuries and physical degeneration all found Wyoming settings. Friendships grew, he fished with his sons, and he wrote much of his best work here—with great energy, productivity, and vividness.