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Wyoming History Day

Wyoming History Day

The National History Day program is a year-long education program that culminates in a national contest every June. Wyoming History Day, administered by the University of Wyoming's American Heritage Center, occurs every year in April.

National History Day engages students in grades 6-12 in the process of discovery and interpretation of historical topics. Students produce dramatic performances, imaginative exhibits, multimedia documentaries and research papers based on research related to an annual theme. These projects are then evaluated at local, state and national competitions.
Many different people participate in the Wyoming History Day program, including Wyoming students and teachers, the University of Wyoming, Wyoming State Historical Society, the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources, The John P. Ellbogen Foundation and community business like Taco John's, who generously support the Wyoming History Day program with grants and special awards.

2020 State Contest registration deadline extended to April 22.

Because of the coronavirus, the University of Wyoming has canceled all in-person classes for spring 2020 and moved to online formats. Wyoming History Day is following a similar tactic. Deadline for submissions in all categories—papers, websites, documentaries, performances and exhibits—has been extended to 9:59 p.m. Wednesday, April 22, 2020. Judges will receive their assignments Friday, April 24. Results will be announced by Tuesday, May 5.

The Central Wyoming regional History Day contest in Casper has been canceled. National History Day has also moved to an all-online format.

Click here for full details on the state contest for students, teachers and judges. For any questions, contact Wyoming History Day Coordinator Jessica Flock, 307-760-7643, jflock@uwyo.edu.

Click here for dates, details and contacts for 2020’s regional contests around Wyoming.

2020 National History Day Contest will be held virtually in June 2020.

Wyoming History Sample Topics, Breaking Barriers in History

Crossing a Continent: The Union Pacific Railroad
Article: https://www.wyohistory.org/encyclopedia/industry-politics-and-power-union-pacific-wyoming
Digital Toolkit lesson plan: https://www.wyohistory.org/education/toolkit/railroad-and-wyoming

Votes for Wyoming Women, 1869
Article: https://www.wyohistory.org/encyclopedia/right-choice-wrong-reasons-wyoming-women-win-right-vote
Digital Toolkit lesson plan: https://www.wyohistory.org/education/toolkit/votes-wyoming-women

A Woman Holds Public Office: Esther Hobart Morris
Article: https://www.wyohistory.org/encyclopedia/esther-hobart-morris-justice-peace-and-icon-womens-rights

A Woman Elected Governor: the Life of Nellie Tayloe Ross
Article: https://www.wyohistory.org/encyclopedia/ambition-nellie-tayloe-ross

More Firsts for Wyoming Women
Article: https://www.wyohistory.org/encyclopedia/list-firsts-wyoming-women

Breaking Cultural Barriers: The Black 14
Article: https://www.wyohistory.org/encyclopedia/black-14-race-politics-religion-and-wyoming-football
Oral history: https://www.wyohistory.org/oral-histories/former-university-wyoming-football-player-mel-hamilton-his-life-and-black-14
Oral history: https://www.wyohistory.org/oral-histories/dr-willie-black-chancellor-black-student-alliance-1969-black-14
Digital Toolkit lesson plan: https://www.wyohistory.org/education/toolkit/black-14

Erecting Physical Barriers: the Heart Mountain Internment Camp
Article: https://www.wyohistory.org/encyclopedia/brief-history-heart-mountain-relocation-center
Digital Toolkit lesson plan: https://www.wyohistory.org/education/toolkit/internment-camp-heart-mountain-1942-1945

Erecting Cultural Barriers: The Tragedy of Indian Boarding Schools
Article: https://www.wyohistory.org/encyclopedia/wind-river-carlisle-indian-boarding-schools-wyoming-and-nation

Triumph over the desert: Mormon Irrigators in the Bighorn Basin
Article: https://www.wyohistory.org/encyclopedia/mormon-colonizers-wyomings-bighorn-basin

Breaking Legal Barriers 1: the Lynching of Ella Watson and James Averell
Article: https://www.wyohistory.org/encyclopedia/covering-cattle-kate-newspapers-and-watson-averell-lynching

Breaking Legal Barriers 2: The Invasion of Johnson County, 1892
Article: https://www.wyohistory.org/encyclopedia/johnson-county-war-1892-invasion-northern-wyoming

Breaking Legal Barriers 3: The Murder Spree of Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate:
Article: https://www.wyohistory.org/encyclopedia/killing-spree-transfixed-nation-charles-starkweather-and-caril-fugate-1958